Back and Better than Ever

My New Job

Hey guys,

I know I’ve been gone a while, and maybe a few people out there have even missed me. No? Fine. I just wanted to let you all (any of you?) know that I’m going to be posting a bit more often, and that the format of this blog will be changing slightly.

I was AWOL from WordPress for months because I was in the midst of a post-grad publishing program, and am now an alliterating assistant to a literary publisher in my home city of Toronto. I’m working as a marketing intern at Cormorant Books. I’m going to be doing something about that website of theirs soon. So now, as I move along my publishing journey (for the next few weeks of my internship at least) I’ll be sharing some of my hard-won industry wisdom with all of you, as well as trying not to get tubby from sitting at this desk all day. Though I guess I can’t get too mad about that, they gave me my own desk/office, after all.

First lesson learned/that I did not appreciate as a writer. Many publishers are small companies. There are not many people in this office. Books take a lot of work to edit, market, and produce, and there’s frequently a lot of waiting to hear back from people involved in the meantime.

So be patient with your publishers my friends, they are likely doing fifty things for ten people at the same time as they are working on your project.



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